Benefits of Joining  Mendocino Generations 


Our farms are from all corners of Mendocino County. We are a family oriented group of heritage farmers. Many of our multi-generational farmers have lived in Mendo for decades, raising their children and living off grid and sustainably. Cannabis has always been an economic driver here, and we intend to keep it that way. Mendocino Generations places great value in diverse growing appellations and methods, keeping craft cannabis farming alive and well. 


Sales & Networking

 Our sales and distribution team works hard to connect farmers with reliable and advantageous sales leads throughout California. Working with local and statewide distributors and manufacturers, our goal is to support farmers and help their farms survive this ever changing marketplace through our "stronger together" philosophy and Farmer First Distribution™  model. We offer greater diversity through our branded product lines, Arcanna Flowers and Mendocino Generation Flowers, as well as by promoting your unique farm brands. Farmer First Distribution™ works to put more money back into the farmers' pockets, unltimately aiding in their survival and supporting the local economy.



Education & Compliance

Mendocino Generations strives to help farmers through information and hands on workshops, providing sustainable farming techniques, pest management tools, and complimentary and inspirational opportunities. We frequently put on workshops, classes, and provide access to new and advanced opportunities in the community. Our Policy Analysis Team digests and simplifies complicated laws and regulations to help educate the farms and empower them to learn their rights and new rules and laws, both locally and state wide. The Policy Analysis Team also advocates for small farmers and gathers our opinions and expresses them on behalf of the group to regulatory agencies and community groups. Mendocino Generations provides its members with a weekly Member Update newsletter and a Special Edition focusing entirely on state licensing and compliance. 

Our Member Assistance Team provides help with cannabis compliance for multiple license types, including support services for local and state regulations, accountability and farm support through onsite tours. We help build community by connecting local community members through farm-to-farm auditing. 



Mendocino Generations' strength is in its combined force. Individually we are only a single farmer, but together we have access to group discounts on testing and soil, bulk buying options, access to partner members and business services. We truly care about the farmers' bottom line, financial viability, economic health, and long term survival. 





Types of Memberships

Mendocino Generations values their relationships with farmers and business associates. For a long time, we conducted business only a handshake and a good vibe. Today we still look for synergy and good vibes but also businesses and farmers who are striving to be sustainable and preserve the tradition and culture of this industry. If you are a business or a farmer who fit this description and want to work with a group of compliant, licensed farmers together in this newly regulated market then let us know. We offer two basic membership tiers:

Farmer Partners

Please inquire to see our extensive updated membership benefits. 

Associate Business Partners 
If you are a service or product provider, you will receive:

  • Referrals to our farmer membership base to your business
  • Social media cross promotions
  • Exposure of logo, website, and event promotions on social media, e-blasts and website
  • Discounted rates on products and services when available to entire membership base
  • Complementary entry to Mendocino Generations hosted workshops

Applications are accepted anytime of the year, new prospective members are interviewed and reviewed by end of March annually.