Mendocino Generations is comprised of a diverse group of farms from all corners of Mendocino County. With so many micro climates and micro appellations around Mendocino County, each farm produces a unique variety of cannabis. All of our farms are organic, but what that means in practice is that they are above and beyond organic, living off the the earth while giving back to the earth. Many of our farmers are Dragonfly Earth Medicine Certified Pure Certified permaculture farms. We strive to always keep learning, implementing better practices daily, improving our farms, improving our efficiency, improving the health of the soil and the land, and providing amazing medicine. Please enjoy reading about each farm and their unique contribution to Mendocino Generations. 


Ancient Oaks


Ancient Oaks is a multigenerational family farm with 17 years combined experience to provide the highest quality medicine. Each bud is grown with love and devotion.


Bablon Farms 

Anderson Valley

Bablon Farms specializes in growing organic, sun-grown, high-CBD cannabis through natural and regenerative farming practices. Our brand Granny Jack's Organics is a small batch producer of high-CBD cannabis based herbal remedies.  RoseMaryJane is a sublingual that can benefit a variety of ailments. We make all of our medicines in small batches, by hand and with LOVE. 

Big Dirty Farms

Redwood valley

Big Dirty Farms have been breeding and growing boutique, connoisseur grade cannabis strains in the heart of Mendocino County, since 2009. 


Blazing Oaks

sanel valley, Hopland

Located in the Sanel Valley region of Southern Mendocino County, Blazing Oaks specializes in the cultivation of award winning, deliciously potent, hand crafted cannabis. Please visit us at



Comptche Ganja Ranch


Located in Mendocino County, this small farm specializes in organic cultivation methods. 

Eel River Medicinals


Eel River Medicinals is a family run, off grid farm on 20 pristine acres of upland oak in Round Valley. We are committed to growing the best organically sun-grown cannabis, with the health of the earth and our community in mind.


Emerald Naga Farm


Emerald Naga Farm is located on a 1972 homestead in the heart of the Emerald Triangle. Emerald Naga cannabis is grown using organic practices. “Naga,” is the Hindu and Buddhist name for dragon deities. Naga balance the basic elements of nature, and are known to protect women. Along with cannabis, we cultivate creativity. We hope you enjoy the many blessings of Naga Farm.

Empire Gardens

Ukiah valley

Located in Mendocino County, this small farm specializes in organic cultivation methods. 


Essential Greens Farm

Redwood valley

Essential Greens Farm is situated on top of a mountain, receiving 360 degrees of warming sun. Select cannabis strains are organically produced, grown and protected, all guided by perfected experience, where knowledge meets quality.


Fire Flower Farm

Willits valley

On an old Mendocino County stagecoach route just far enough from town to be mountain living you’ll find FFF.  We are a young family farm of East Coast transplants growing our Mendo roots for over a decade. From our little farm to wherever you are: Thank you and enjoy!


Flatbed Ridge Farms


Flatbed Ridge Farms began as counter culture oddities—the back-to-the-land movement, with respect for the environment, and an emphasis on community and relationships. We raised our families and grew our crops with those guidelines, and our harvests continue to reflect these values.

Flora Pine Farms

redwood valley

A solar powered farm in the majestic mountains of Mendocino County nestled in the historic Emerald Triangle . 


Flying Tiger Farms


We grow exquisite cannabis to help people enjoy this one wild and precious life.


Frost Flower Farms

redwood valley

Frost Flower Farms is a Clean Green Certified, woman run artisanal greenhouse farm in Redwood Valley. Combining organic sustainable practices with a whole lot of love, we bring you delicious, high-quality, earth-friendly cannabis. From our hearts to yours. Frost Flower Farm is Clean Green Certified.  


Full Circle Pharm

potter valley

A Demeter Certified Biodynamic farm, Full Circle Pharm employs deeply regenerative and sustainable organic farming practices to create a balanced, healthy and biodiverse ecosystem. All of our farming decisions are guided by the quest for pure plant expression through responsible land stewardship, healthy soil development and terroir expression. We focus on developing every cannabis flower into its most full-spectrum therapeutic potential. The intentional cultivation of balance and harmony is something we think you can taste and feel in our Cannabis. Our plants are companion planted with dry farmed Pinot Noir and Chardonnay nestled in the valleys of Mendocino County.


Full Sun Farm 


Full Sun Farm is a second-generation family-run farm, growing organic flowers in the hills of Mendocino County. For 20 years we have been breeding our own strains to create small batch unique varietals with beautiful flowers. Sustainable farming is important to us, and we’ve never used pesticides or chemicals. We are proud of our flowers and hope you enjoy them too!


Giving Tree Farms


Giving Tree Farms cultivates CBD-rich, unique varieties, as well as popular blends using a combination of science and integrated farming techniques in the Anderson Valley and Redwood Valley appellations of Mendocino. Organic practices -- yes. Pesticides -- no. Reserve a batch or customize a planting. 


Gypsy Wagon Farms

mendocino county

Located in Mendocino County, this small farm specializes in organic cultivation methods. 

Heartrock Mountain Farms


In the Potter Valley appellation our farm resides in the eastern mountains at 2500 feet in elevation. Nestled in a conifer forest, above the valley fog line on a north slope that is open to the west which provides a wonderful micro climate where our home grown genetics finish early with lots of resin and with a terpene profile you just won’t get in the full sun. Recently Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure Certified. 


Herbanology Farms


Based in Mendocino County, Herbanology is a farming collective producing handmade artisan crafts and medicines. We work off grid in harmony with the surrounding environment and are dedicated to helping heal the ecosystem. Permaculture as well as Soil Biology and Microscopy practices are intertwined in the production of our flowers resulting in ingredients that have been grown with the highest of standards.


Higher on the Hog Farms


Located in Mendocino County, this small farm specializes in organic cultivation methods. 

Hummingbird Farms

redwood VALLEY

Hummingbird Farm is a full sun Cannabis farm thats sits alongside oaks, bays, pears, walnuts, apples, olives and fig trees. We are committed to organic and regenerative farming practices, and proudly produce unique strains developed in Mendocino County.


Indigo Acres Family Farm

Redwood Valley

Located in Mendocino County, this small farm specializes in organic cultivation methods.


Laughing Farm


Laughing Farm is located in the coastal mountains of Mendocino County, California, the world’s premier cannabis growing region. Our plants are grown from seed in full-sun using only OMRI or other organic products in our soil amendments and added nutrients. We respect the plants’ ability to produce self-protective defense systems, thus our flowers are completely free of pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. We grow both high potency THC (2017 flowers between 20-30%) and CBD (2017 flowers above 17%) heritage strains. Please visit us at

Le Foret

Potter valley

Located in Mendocino County, this small farm specializes in organic cultivation methods.

Livingston Organics


Livingston Organics provides boutique quality, legacy grown cannabis flowers. Our time-tested genetics create some of the most potent, full floral buds on the market today.


Major Farms

potter valley

From the hills and valleys of Mendocino County, Major Farms proudly produces organic top-shelf craft cannabis for your pleasure and needs.


Mendo Gold


Mendo Gold delivers small batch, craft cannabis, superior in flavor and potency. Cultivated in the heart of Mendocino County by master growers committed to your satisfaction!


Mendocino Grasslands


Located in Mendocino County, this small farm specializes in organic cultivation methods. 


Mendocino Organics

Mendo Organics Inc is located at 2000 feet above sea level at the Cole Ranch Appellate in Mendocino County. Our amazing micro climate is a perfect mixture of hot sunny days and cool nights that make idea growing conditions for our organic flowers. We pride ourselves in small batch cannabis growing to ensure the best quality controlled product. We also love to produce organic solventless artisan rosin under the brand Day Of The Dabs. Great flower produce get rosins!!


Mendocino Organic Medicine


Located in the Ukiah Valley, this small, woman-owned farm specializes in organic medicine.

Mendocino Reserve Farms

redwood VALLEY

This farm is the home of a Redwood Valley native and a mid-west transplant who came here to be a part of this lifestyle many years ago. We feel blessed and are committed to preserving the culture, the land and the cultivation of the very finest sun grown, organic, cannabis.


Moon Gazer Farms

redwood VALLEY

Recipients of the 2016 Emerald Cup Regenerative Farm Award for our commitment to conscious cultivation practices, we are also Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure certified, and Demeter certified Biodynamic. We specialize in local heritage strains, CBD and THC. We grow our cannabis, fruits and veggies in full sun, from seed. We are building our soil from what we have on our land- check our our website for more info


Mountain Immortals Garden


Perched at almost 4000 feet on Mendocino County’s tallest peak and surrounded by National Forest, Mountain Immortals Garden sees more deer and coyote pass by than it does humans. Clean air, pure water from springs gravity fed to pampered soils, and choice varieties all combine for flowers as a potent elixir the Taoist sages might come out of hiding to partake. A married couple, we tend this garden with new science, but also with the intuitions and rapport of the Old Ways.

One Feather Ranch

redwood VALLEY

One Feather Ranch is a family run, off grid, organic, and sustainable ranch, located on 500 acres of forest and rolling hills. Our mission is to continue research and development on medicinal strains with emphasis on THCV and CBD rich varieties. We are in the process of developing our treatment program here at the ranch, and are mentoring our partnerships with such groups as the Sierra Club, and Stanford University.


Pacific Cultivation


Pacific Cultivation provides honest, sun-grown cannabis for people who care about where their product comes from. On our sun-soaked acres in the Mendocino hills, we use solar power, no synthetic inputs and create very little waste. At heart, we’re about producing excellent cannabis while minimizing our impact on the environment.Pacific Cultivation is Clean Green Certified.


Paradigm Farms

Ukiah Valley

Located in Mendocino County, this small farm specializes in organic cultivation methods. 

Plant Intelligence Collective

Anderson valley

Located in Mendocino County, this small farm specializes in organic cultivation methods. 

Reach High Farms

redwood VALLEY

Reach high farm is located in Redwood Valley, California, along the headwaters of the Russian River. Our cannabis is farmed using all organic practices, with a conscious effort to produce a clean, high quality product. We reach high to always pull down the kind. 


Redwood Empire Farms


Redwood Empire Farms is a small band of farmers who are driven by passion to new frontiers of high-caliber cannabis. Coaxing premium potency from our plants is a round-the-clock labor of love.


River Txai Farms

redwood VALLEY

River Txai farms is a sun grown cannabis farm nestled in the western hills with a view over looking Redwood Valley, in Mendocino County, CA. Second generation farmers, we are a husband and wife team and founders of Mendocino Generations and Arcanna Flowers. We have been cultivating cannabis for over 20 years, while off-grid homesteading and raising our family.  We moved to the farm in 2000 where we began a family and continued the legacy of growing great cannabis. To date all the strains of Arcanna Flowers have been bred with love an attention at River Txai Farms. 


Sensi Farms


Located in Mendocino County, this small farm specializes in organic cultivation methods. 


Shelby Ridge


Located in Mendocino County, this small farm specializes in organic cultivation methods. 



Located in Mendocino County, this small farm specializes in organic cultivation methods. 

Sky Ranch

redwood valley

Located in Mendocino County, this small farm specializes in organic cultivation methods. 

Spyrock Farms


Located in Mendocino County, this small farm specializes in organic cultivation methods. 


Sun N Moon Ranch

willits valley

Sun N Moon Ranch is a 10 acre farm located in central Mendocino County. Situated on a hill top in the Willits Valley, this ranch captures full sun exposure for this bio-intensive, beyond-organic cultivation. We are planting directly into the rich soil to create a terrior experience, and our abundant, well-balanced water and soil yield some of the best full sun cannabis available.

Sun Touched Organics


Sun Touched Organics is a third generation family farm high in the hills of Mendocino. Cultivating premium quality cannabis is our passion in life, and a process we continually strive to perfect.

Sunbright Gardens


Sunbright Gardens is a small, family owned farm nestled in the mountains near the North Fork of the Eel River. Land stewardship and ecological responsibility is one of our most important values. We care about biodiversity and providing top shelf quality cannabis for our customer base. Our plants are grown from seed in full sunshine just as nature would intend.


Sweet Sisters Family Farm


Sweet Sisters Family Farm is a multi-generational farm in Mendocino County that has been operating off the grid producing high quality, sun grown, sweet flowers for nearly 40 years. Concentrating on local strains that reveal a sense of place in the appearance, nose, taste and effect, you know you are home when you experience a Sweet Sisters product.


UV Organics


Drawing off of more than 20 years of growing and breeding experience with an emphasis on sustainable farming and living soil. Our focus is on exceptionally potent CBD cannabis genetics with an emphasis on our signature CBD strain "The Gift". Making a positive medical impact is our passion.


Wild Iris Organic Farm


Wild Iris Farm is a female owned and operated cannabis farm in the beautiful sunny hills outside Ukiah. What began as a raw piece of land with a vision and a dream, and a lot of hard work is the cannabis homestead it is today. Committed to sustainable farming practices, Wild Iris is sun grown and organic, providing the consumer with the cleanest product possible.


Wildercraft Farms

anderson valley

Located in Mendocino County, this small farm specializes in organic cultivation methods. 




On 10 acres of Mendocino mountainside, high above the Black Butte river canyon at 2400', is WildLand. We plant our sungrown cannabis in the ground, in native soil, to allow our terroir to fully express itself. WildLand is 100% organically farmed, using a variety of regenerative and sustainable practices. The result is exceptional, terpene loaded cannabis, from heritage strains unique to northern Mendocino county. WildLand is 50% woman owned and operated.



Mendocino Generations is all about farmers stepping up with their gifts and contributing to the growth and realization of our alliance. We come together to support each other's individual goals and dreams.