Upcoming Film "Lady Buds" Highlights Plight of Cannabis Farmers

Upcoming Film "Lady Buds" Highlights Plight of Cannabis Farmers: Kickstarter Now Live; Contribute Today

With cannabis prohibition finally ceasing in California, legacy farmers are starting to step out of the shadows and into the light. One documentary, “Lady Buds,” is capturing this process in real time — with a much appreciated female approach.

LADY BUDS, Directed and Produced by Chris J. Russo, focuses on six extraordinary women in the cannabis industry as they navigate the tumultuous transition to the legal market. After filming for two years — before, during and after legalization — the team launched their Kickstarter today to keep the cameras rolling until the end of the year. Contribute to their campaign at ladybudsmovie.com.

“I like to call the six characters my six superheros,” Russo said. These women “put principles before profits” and are known for their “passion for the plant.”

The documentary was born two years ago when Director Russo noticed how many women leaders there were in the industry. She began interviewing dozens of women in the cannabis space, eventually making Chiah Rodriques, one of the founders of Mendocino Generations, a main character in the documentary. And for a good reason — Chiah’s relationship with cannabis goes back to her childhood.

Chiah’s father farmed cannabis on his own small plot of land in the hills of Mendocino County, and she is following suit. Chiah formed Mendocino Generations with her husband, Jamie, to help protect the legacy farmers from corporate cannabis. Mendocino Generations is a diverse group of predominantly female-led farmers committed to going beyond organic by producing quality cannabis farmed without synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. You can learn more about it at mendocinogenerations.com.

Cannabis has been produced in Mendocino County since at least 1975. It has been the small family farms that have allowed the industry to move forward. Chris wanted to create the documentary to show how brave women take active roles in cultivating cannabis, put principles before profit and empower themselves as small business owners.

Similar to the female cannabis plant carrying the rich CBD and THC components that the plant is most known for, “Lady Buds” is a reminder to the world that when it comes to cannabis, it’s always been about the female.

Chiah Rodriques