Sungrown Cannabis Tastes Better!


Mendocino Generations has launched our official brand of prepackaged sun-grown cannabis! Our craft, heritage farmers are proud to provide organic, beautiful cannabis to many dispensaries up and down the state! We cultivate unique strains of sun-grown cannabis grown in all corners of sunny Mendocino County! The Sungrown cannabis movement is growing and we are excited to be part of teaching consumers about the benefits of the unique terpene profiles and massive flavor that the sun provides. Wherever you see the Emerald Exchange Sungrown Cannabis kiosks In dispensaries you will find Mendo Gen and Arcanna Flowers brands soon in an area near you! Supporting sun-grown is supporting the cannabis farming community and helps preserve our lifestyle and culture.

For thousands of years, there was only one kind of cannabis — sun grown. Simply put sun-grown cannabis is just that, cannabis cultivated outside with the light of the sun. However, in the 1980s the federal government began to more aggressively police cannabis production and to protect their crops many growers turned away from sun grown farms. Indoor growing exploded in popularity as the growing techniques improved and outdoor farms soon became much harder to come by. This is quickly changing today as cannabis has become legal to produce in California and other states. The debate about which way to grow is back. What are the benefits of sun-grown cannabis over indoor?

Indoor grows, which include greenhouse and light dep, are the choice of many farmers due to the ability to grow year round and the control the grower has over the environment. A finely tuned indoor setup gives the farmer control over all aspects of the cannabis plant in ways that nature cannot duplicate. This can lead to designer strains with characteristics that can be difficult to reproduce on a sun-grown cannabis farm. In addition, as the cannabis is grown with electric lights in an artificial environment, it can be harvested multiple times per year. This can be convenient for the farmer and the consumer as the same cannabis can be available year round. The artificial environment created by the indoor grow has benefits but what about sun-grown cannabis?

Sungrown cannabis has a multitude of benefits that mostly tie into one word — environment. The environmental impact of sun-grown cannabis is significantly lower that of indoor farms. The energy used to power an indoor grow is momentous with some estimates putting it as high as 1% of the United States total power consumption. The vast majority of this cost is to power lights that are, ultimately, just trying to mimic the sun. The light from the sun covers the whole light spectrum which provides all the energy the cannabis needs. Most importantly, the energy from the sun is free! In fact, sun-grown cannabis has the full spectrum of terpenes that cannot be attained indoors! Additionally, sun-grown farms can take advantage of many agricultural techniques to produce high yields while maintaining a robust ecosystem. Permaculture farming is an excellent way to produce cannabis that has fewer pests and stronger soils by using companion plants. This and other farming techniques are not available with indoor cannabis production. Sungrown cannabis matures in the environment cannabis is designed for, and this leads to one of its most excellent perks — it produces higher yields. Room size and setup do not limit the plants as the literal sky's the limit for their growth.  This can lead to massive plants with abundant harvests.

There is a multitude of compelling reasons to consider sun-grown cannabis. A great way to get introduced to some of the many benefits of sun-grown cannabis is to come to our Sungrown Tastes Better Mixer! This must-do event will be full of various industry folks representing everything from dispensaries to farmers, manufacturers and even media. You’ll be able to mingle, network and learn about sun-grown cannabis from our very own Mendocino Generations farms. There will also be food, wine, and music all in a relaxing, picturesque setting. The event takes place on Sunday, August 5th from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the Yokayo Ranch, 800 Hensley Creek Road, Ukiah, CA., 95482.For questions and information call Mendocino Generations at 707-242-1284.