Check out our farmer Josh from Moongazer farms and his garden! They will be at the permaculture workshop we are putting on June 24th at the Redwood Valley Grange

Does cannabis work well with permaculture farming? What even is permaculture farming? Permaculture is a new trend with a rich history over 10,000 years old. Permaculture is where a farmer will design a sustainable ecosystem using plants that compliment each other called companion plants. This is more than just plants that “look good” together. It is focused around using plants that can compliment each others strengths and weaknesses. For example, a farmer might plant fava beans to restore nitrogen to the soil. By finding the right combination of companion plants, the farmer can have a self-sustaining ecosystem centered around their cannabis.

This all sounds great but what are the real benefits? There are numerous advantages to using permaculture. For example, it is cheaper to run a permaculture farm as a well-maintained permaculture farm can save on soil, pesticides, and labor. Using permaculture carefully will use the plants themselves to fill these environmental needs. Of course, permaculture is significantly more environmentally friendly than an average farm as well. Not only would the farmer be using fewer pesticides and industrial fertilizers but they increase the biodiversity of the area they are farming. This helps keep plants and their environment healthy. Finding the right combination of companion plants can even restore poor soil to a growable state allowing farms to expand into areas they might not otherwise be able to use. Most importantly, cannabis is a flexible and useful plant for permaculture farming. Combining it with companion plants like beans, chamomile, peppermint, herbs or even stinging nettles have significant benefits for cannabis farming.   

Now that you know the basics of permaculture farming with cannabis what is the next step? Mendocino Generations is putting on a permaculture workshop where we will be featuring our farmers Sandra and Josh from Moongazer Farms in Redwood Valley who are certified by Dragonfly Earth Medicine in permaculture farming. They will be going over more advanced ideas and techniques to get the most from your permaculture grow. Golden Fig Gardens specializes in permaculture for edible landscaping and will also be at the workshop as well as Moongazer Farms who won the 2016 Emerald Cup Regenerative Farm award. This workshop is a fantastic opportunity to learn valuable information about permaculture farming cannabis and encouraging biodiversity. It will be taking place on Sunday, June 24th from 1-5pm at the Redwood Valley Grange. We hope to see you there! See our events page for more info