Meet Your Farmers: Gus and Monique (Mo) of SunBright Gardens

SunBright Gardens is located in the hills just outside of Covelo in Mendocino County. It's run by my partner Gus and Monique (Mo) who have cute little baby named Kahlo who just turned 1 and 3 chocolate labs, 2 cats and a flock of chickens beeping around the land. They plant following The Stella Natura Biodynamic planting calendar and Mo is on the Board of Directors for The Mendocino Cannabis Alliance. Here’s their story…

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Daughter of the Herb

I am a daughter of the herb. I was raised in the garden, under the vast sea of stars that is present when one is hundreds of miles from your nearest neighbor. Growing up in Mendocino county was a unique and special experience that compares to no where else on this planet.

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Mendocino Generations at the Emerald Cup 2018!

“The Emerald Cup exemplifies the seismic shift the cannabis industry has undergone in just a few short years.  We have gone from a secretive and marginalized community, to being able to be open and proud of the craft that many of us have spent generations perfecting.  Consumers now know exactly where their cannabis comes from, how it was produced, and can even meet the farmers at events like the Emerald Cup” —Brandon Wheeler, Blazing Oaks

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Meet Your Farmers: Scott Saitta & Mel Treichler of Rebel Moon

We’re stoked to present to you the third blog entry in our new “Meet Your Farmers” series here on the Mendocino Generations blog! This month, we’re excited to introduce you to Scott Saitta & Mel Treichler of Rebel Moon Mendo. We had a few questions for Scott & Mel and here is what they had to say…

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Meet Your Farmers: Kim Dellacorva of One Feather Ranch

From their appellation, to their product, growing techniques and more, we delve deeper to develop a more connected appreciation for the amazing farmers who collectively comprise the Mendocino Generations family. This month, we’re thrilled to be featuring the fabulous Kim Dellacorva of One Feather Ranch.

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Upcoming Film "Lady Buds" Highlights Plight of Cannabis Farmers

LADY BUDS, Directed and Produced by Chris J. Russo, focuses on six extraordinary women in the cannabis industry as they navigate the tumultuous transition to the legal market. After filming for two years — before, during and after legalization — the team launched their Kickstarter today to keep the cameras rolling until the end of the year. Contribute to their campaign at

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